Auto bailout insiders target Section 136 Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program funding in scheme to stop electric cars from reaching the market.

Section 136 funding became one of the first conduits to fund mass market electric cars without blockade but when the adversaries of electric cars realized this, they declared war on that fund.

There is no other funding for electric cars without this fund. The venture markets have shut down and no investor will be the “first-in” for an automobile effort.

Detroit has worked with the oil and steel industry to keep alternative energy vehicles, which use no oil or steel, from reaching the market.

The TARP funds have more than enough access and cash but it is preferred, by oil industry resources to put maximum resources into compromising the ATVM Loan Section 136 funding.

Electric cars have been around since the 1800’s.

GM delivered a 100+MPG-equivalent car to the market ages ago. Many companies and individuals have built 150+ MPG electric vehicles for decades. All such projects have been stopped by synthetic impediments.

Legislative, funding, distribution channel lock-off, and access blockades have been deployed for decades to prevent electric cars from reaching the volume market.

The current American Electric Car Companies can replace EVERY job lost to Detroit if supported. Read More…



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